Smoking cannabis can trigger schizophrenia-like symptoms

A new study has claimed that smoking just half a joint of cannabis can trigger psychosis-like symptoms which resemble schizophrenia.

Research carried out by Yale School of Medicine discovered delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-9-THC) – one of the active ingredients in cannabis – can result in mental health issues similar to schizophrenia. The academics found that healthy people who used the drug experienced an increase in neural noise, which interferes with the way their brain processes information.

By raising awareness of the risks of THC, even in fairly small doses, the study may encourage more people to swap smoking cannabis for vaping CBD e-Liquids like Cannajuice. Derived from organic hemp oil, Cannajuice contains no THC so is not psychoactive and does not alter the user’s mental state.

Dr Deepak D’Souza, a psychiatry professor who took part in the study at Yale said even small amounts of cannabis could have a worrying effect on the brain.
He said: “At doses roughly equivalent to half or a single joint, delta-9-THC produced psychosis-like effects and increased neural noise in humans.”

Researchers at Yale spent three days studying 24 people and monitoring their electrical brain activity. Participants were either given a placebo or two intravenous doses of delta-9-THC.
THC is just one of many ingredients found in cannabis but is responsible for the ‘stoned’ feeling experienced by users.

In contrast, CBD oil, which does not contain any THC, leaves users feeling calm and relaxed but without experiencing the feeling of being ‘high’. This means people vaping CBD e-Liquids remain clear-headed and do not suffer from the paranoia, anxiety or hallucinations which are often associated with cannabis use.

Four things you should know about CBD

Many people have never heard of Cannabidiol (CBD) Here at Cannajuice, we believe CBD is one of nature’s wonder drugs so we’ve put together a list of things we think you should know about this amazing substance.

1. It is found in cannabis

Along with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD is one of at least 85 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Although it is a key ingredient in marijuana, it is also found in hemp. The CBD used by Cannajuice for its e-Liquids is derived from organic and sustainably farmed hemp.

2. It will not make you high

When people think of cannabis, they think of a drug which makes you feel high and can make you feel anxious, jittery and paranoid. The ingredient in cannabis which causes these feelings are THC so products which are created from CBD are not psychoactive and will not alter your mental state. CBD can however help you to relax and feel calm. While some users may feel disappointed that they cannot achieve a high from CBD, it is an excellent ingredient for boosting your health and managing pain.

3. It is completely legal

CBD oil derived from hemp is legal after the law was changed on July 31 2015 to allow its use in the UK. However, the use of cannabis remains against the law despite calls from some people to legalise it. As a class-B drug, people found guilty of trafficking cannabis could face a maximum of five years in prison so using CBD oils and e-Liquids instead could help users avoid getting a criminal record.

4. You don’t have to worry about drugs tests

If you use a CBD rich product like Cannabis which does not contain THC, you will not fail a drugs test. This is a particular relief for people who work in industries where employers carry out randomised workplace testing.
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