Crafty Vaporizer
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Crafty VaporizerCrafty VaporizerCrafty VaporizerCrafty VaporizerCrafty VaporizerCrafty VaporizerCrafty Vaporizer

Crafty Vaporizer

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Crafty Vaporizer

The Crafty vaporizer is brought to you by Storz & Bickel and it comes complete with temperature controls and it is great for those who want to make the most out of their vaporizer. This vaporizer comes with an app that you can use with your smartphone and it also comes with a lithium ion battery as well. This can give you well over an hour and a half of constant use and if you wanted you can even get it charged with your micro USB cable as well. It comes with an automatic switch and this helps you to keep your battery. With a vibration alert and a quality LED switch, it is safe to say that this can keep you updated with your current status and you would be surprised at how effective this is.

The Crafty vaporizer is also the very first of its kind to come with a remote app. This app is completely free to download and it is a great way for you to make the most of your vaporizer. When you do get your features sorted out and even your temperatures as well. The vaporizer is manufactured in Germany and it is made to last as well. You can take it apart if you want to clean it more efficiently and it comes complete with a liquid pad for your concentrates as well.

• Crafty Vaporizer
• Power Adapter
• USB Cable
• Cleaning Brush
• Grinder
• Filler
• Seal Rings
• Instructions

So as you can see, this product can give you everything you need and in the shortest possible time. You would be surprised at how easy it is to use and it is great for those who want to have more control over their vape. Why don’t you try this for yourself today to see how you could benefit? It really has never been easier.


Brand Storz & Bickel
Heat-up time 0-1 min
Adjustable temperature Yes
Compatibility Herbs and Oils
Delivery method Direct draw
Automatic switch-off Yes
Portable / Desktop Portable


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Crafty Vaporizer

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